How to Check Out Library Books

During distance learning, you can still check out a library book.  
Step one:  Select a book. 
You can sign into Destiny Discover and select a book from Cram Library's book catalog or you can just list a topic or genre on your book request.

To sign into Destiny/Discover to search the Cram Library Catalog:


2) Select Nevada and they type "Cram Middle School"

3) Username:  Student id#

4) Password:  your first name

5) Search for books.  If the books are in there will be a green "in" in the corner.See below for a picture of "in" and "out" books.

Step two: Follow the link to a google form, to request a library book. You may check out three books at a time.  
Step three: Wait for Mrs. Bertini's email to tell you that your books are ready.  Pick up your books at the Student Success Center at the front of the school, across from the main office.
Step four:  When you have finished reading your books, return your booksto the book return box in the Student Success Center.
Step five:  Order some new books.... 

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